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Are you interested in learning more about risk management in your role to help choose a direction?

Risk is a feature of any business; it influences the decisions an organisation makes and the way in which it operates. Some organisations are more risk averse, whereas others have a greater appetite for risk depending on what they wish to achieve in the market and the level of insight they have that enables them to take risks.

Different functions of an organisation manage different types of risk including finance, health & safety and data in an IT department.

This course is designed for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of the principles of risk and how to manage it within an organisation. This includes understanding what risk is, identifying different types of risk, and how risk can be measured and assessed. It will consider the principles of risk management and how a clear reporting process can enable clear decisions to be made based on the information provided.

After completion of this course, you will demonstrate an understanding of an understanding of the definition of risk, an understanding of risk analysis, an understanding of how to measure and document risk and an understanding of how to report risk.

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How to Manage Risk - Subscription

This course in How to Manage Risk will help develop your knowledge and understanding in these specific subjects:

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Companies suffered operational surprises in the past 5 years due to unidentified risks

Organisations plan to increase investment in risk management and compliance in the next 2 years

Risk management programs are under 5 years old, suggesting availability of new jobs.

Why should I take this course?

This course in How to Manage Risk will help develop your career, especially if you are working with data, a new project or new product.

77% of companies suffered operational surprises in the past 5 years due to unidentified risks. This means that a large number of businesses are not effectively managing their risks, which can lead to significant financial losses and other problems.

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