Duco Digital Training Brings Cutting-Edge BCS Courses to GESS Dubai

Nov 8 / Darren Winter
As the world of technology continually evolves, so does the need for advanced learning and development in Artificial Intelligence (AI), data protection, machine learning, and business analysis.

Recognising this, Duco Digital Training were at this year’s prestigious Global Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) Dubai to showcase our comprehensive suite of BCS courses tailored for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The event, which brings together the region’s top suppliers to the education sector, served as the perfect backdrop for us to connect with organisations keen on staying ahead of the technological curve.

Why was the event important?

Duco's presence at GESS Dubai was not just about promoting our courses; it was about building bridges between innovation and knowledge, between the UK's advanced educational resources and the vibrant, burgeoning tech landscapes of MENA.

Our BCS-accredited courses in AI, Data Protection, Machine Learning, Business Analysis and other subjects are designed with a dual purpose – to empower individuals with the skills required to thrive in a digital economy, and to provide organisations with the know-how to harness these technologies for growth and success.
The enthusiasm at the event was palpable as we engaged with business leaders, educational enthusiasts, and professional learners. Discussions flowed around the transformative potential of AI and machine learning, the critical importance of robust data protection in our increasingly digital lives, and the analytical acumen needed to drive business success in modern economies.

To foster growth and innovation, there is an increasing imperative to equip professionals with globally recognised qualifications and skills; that's why our BCS courses are more than just training programs; they are a catalyst for change and progression.
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