AI for Good - but is it?

Apr 18
🤖 AI is all over the news lately, causing CEOs and organizations to assume they know everything they need to know about AI. Assumption is dangerous.  
We don’t want to be left behind. Our haste for our organizations to use AI quickly, with little accountability from stakeholders to question or press pause, may put our missions at risk. Combined with a lack of direction and little to no structured training, it could be high risk.  
What to do? We’ve never been here before. Our guests will help us explore how we can identify and address the risks, while still enjoying the benefits of AI.  
Join the conversation with Katrina VanHuss, Founder of Turnkey For Good, as she interviews two brilliantly credentialed people to tease this topic apart on April 23rd at 1pm EST. With her are: 

- Nathan Chappell, MBA, MNA, CFRE Chappell, Senior VP of DonorSearch, Co-Founder of Fundraising AI, and author of The Generosity Crisis  

- Darren Winter, MA, AI Ethics Expert and a PhD Candidate in AI Ethics from London, studying in Spain while working with people all over the world, including Turnkey For Good 

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