AI Education and Collaboration in Indonesia

Oct 16 / Darren Winter
UK companies on AI trade mission in Jakarta
As the digital landscape surges forward, Duco Digital Training is not just keeping pace but leading the charge.

We recently had the privilege of joining the UK Government's AI trade mission to Jakarta, a landmark event aimed at synchronising UK expertise with Indonesia's flourishing digital prowess.

Deepening Ties and Expanding Knowledge

Our journey to Indonesia was driven by a clear set of objectives: to immerse ourselves in the vibrant tech scene, to understand the intricate web of opportunities and regulations, and to form resilient bridges with Indonesian innovators. This mission wasn't solely about showcasing our BCS-accredited courses; it was a commitment to create lasting relationships and to cultivate an ecosystem that thrives on shared knowledge and mutual growth.

Strategic Dialogues at the Forefront 

Our agenda was packed with strategic dialogues with some of Indonesia’s foremost digital pioneers. We engaged with the Indonesian AI Society (first image in gallery above), an influential collective who are steering the course of AI development within the country. Through these discussions, we gained valuable insights into local innovations and challenges, enriching our educational approach.

Another highlight was our interaction with GoTo (also first image in gallery above), one of Indonesia's largest companies, which exemplifies the scale and ambition of the nation's digital enterprises. These dialogues provided a window into the operational excellence and visionary strategies that have propelled Indonesian companies to impressive heights.

The trade mission’s visit to Jakarta Smart City (image below) was also part of our collaborative discourse. This initiative is a testament to Indonesia’s commitment to using AI and data to enhance urban living, providing a practical context to how our courses in AI and data protection can translate into tangible improvements in public governance and quality of life.
Visit to Jakarta Smart City

A Showcase of UK's Commitment to Ethical AI

Throughout the mission, we seized every opportunity to demonstrate the UK's dedication to nurturing AI that not only drives economic growth but also adheres to the highest standards of ethics and data privacy. We're not just part of the conversation; we're helping to lead it.

Indonesia's Digital Dynamo

With a digital economy that's a beacon in Southeast Asia and home to a rapidly growing internet population, Indonesia is set to harness AI in transformative ways. As the country integrates AI across various sectors, as outlined in its National AI Strategy, it stands on the brink of a development leap that can enhance education, health, and public services.
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